Session ID: 10108

Abstract: You've upgraded to R12. You have invested lots of money, blood, sweat, tears, and time into making your E-Business Suite investment as beneficial to your company as it can be. Now another R12 upgrade looms ahead, and your boss is looking to you for answers. Should we continue to use E-Business Suite to support our business? Are the Oracle Cloud Applications mature enough to support our business? When is the right time to move to the Cloud? This session will provide answers to those questions, and outline some key considerations that E-Business Suite customers should consider prior to making their decision.

Objective 1: Identify pros and cons for staying on E-Business Suite

Objective 2: Educate the audience on what a migration to Cloud from E-Business Suite looks like

Objective 3: Identify considerations that all customers should be thinking about prior to picking a direction

Objective 4: Review the roadmap of Cloud Applications

Objective 5: Review cost benefits for each parth

Audience: -All-