Session ID: 10100

Abstract: With more than 250,000 clients using some version of Oracle EBS software and over 150,000 companies using Salesforce CRM applications the need to integrate is obvious. Real time, field level integration will allow sales people to have visibility to AVP, inventory and pricing. At the same time, information from the field and call centers will be immediately available for planning and supply chain teams to act on. However, achieving this level of integration can be challenging. This presentation will discuss several options and explain how to achieve Oracle EBS/ERP-Salesforce CRM integration

Objective 1: I will make people comfortable with Oracle/Salesforce integration-

Objective 2: People will see how they can keep Oracle EBS after Salesforce CRM is brought in

Objective 3: IT executives will give internal Sales and Marketing clients what they want without disrupting the Oracle platform

Audience: Management