Session ID: 10079

Abstract: In Release 12 the A/P Accruals functionality added needed improvements for A/P Accrual journals and mass write-offs. But major issues remain: 1) matching receipts with invoices for intercompany (IR/ISO) and consignment entries, and 2) if the A/P Accruals don’t reconcile to the G/L, how to figure this out when Oracle only stores net balances? And dropped prior functionality by only reporting the latest activity date as opposed to the earliest activity date. Learn how you can overcome these issues through custom reporting, even if on Oracle for many years and have been unable to reconcile to G/L.

Objective 1: Get an overview for the R12 EBS A/P Accrual functionality and current problem areas

Objective 2: Learn about how A/P Accruals work for intercompany internal orders (IR/ISO) and inventory consignment

Objective 3: Find out how you can overcome these issues and save lots of time on your A/P Accrual reconciliation activities

Objective 4: Learn how you can resolve your outstanding A/P Accrual issues

Objective 5: Have fun while learning!

Audience: -All-