Session ID: 10066

Abstract: In-depth technical session and white paper will show you have to leverage Bots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to manage your cloud deployments. The session will talk about effective design patterns to build bots that can scale to manage enterprise cloud deployments and at the same time implement security that is key for such applications. The session will also cover DevOps and Infrastructure As Code and how to use them effectively with your cloud deployments. As we wrap up the session will include a couple of live bot demos running on Amazon Echo and Slack.

Objective 1: Designing Bots to manage and secure cloud deployments.

Objective 2: How to architect applications using DevOps and Infrastructure as Code.

Objective 3: Effective Design patterns for security as you build bots and introduce automation.

Objective 4: Live demos to show you have to get started with bots.

Objective 5: How to build for scale and security.

Audience: Technical