Session ID: 10036

Abstract: HARSCO is a global industrial services corporation that purchases and builds multi-million dollar assets at their sites around the world. Oracle’s standard work order capitalization process is buggy and failed to serve us over the last 5 years. Also Oracle’s asset termination and site-transfer integration is very manual. HARSCO addressed these three lacunas by building a truly integrated solution between Oracle Enterprise Asset Management and Fixed Assets.

Objective 1: Understand current 3 major integration gaps between Oracle Enterprise Asset Management and Fixed Assets

Objective 2: Learn how we built fully automated work order capitalization from cost collection to capitalization

Objective 3: Understand how asset transfer process is fully automated with no manual steps

Objective 4: Understand how workflow-driven asset termination process is built

Objective 5: See how HARSCO saved hundreds of hours across operations and finance departments across the world!

Audience: Applications Manager or Business Analyst