Session ID: 104140

Abstract: My topic will be JDE Employee/Manager self service. The items that I cover will include reduction of errors by eliminate redundant action such as retyping. Going paperless with a self-assured competent way of using the system to it's fullest potential. Keeping employees engaged by being in control of their own information. Establishing electronic workflows for management to ensure all approvals are received for related actions.

Objective 1: Discuss and show value to the self service modules. Clients don't always understand how it works but when the benefits and value are demonstrated by the functional consultant they love it and want it. It's an easy upsell.

Objective 2: Provide detailed functionality. How many times have we heard, 'I didn't know the system could do that?' I want to eliminate that phrase by the end of my presentation. This will include both employee and manager self service.

Objective 3: Provide the benefits of expanding open enrollment through self service to automate as much of the functionality as possible. Minimize manual entries, eliminate paper and provide timely enrollments.

Audience: Functional