Session ID: 106720

Abstract: Primary challenge in PeopleSoft Test Automation projects are identifying impacts due to customization and updating the Automation Regression Pack to latest release cycle. PTF [PeopleSoft Test Framework] is provided by Oracle with no additional licensing cost that can automatically identify impacted test scripts due to customization. It has many differentiators like Security, Migration & Built-in Functions that makes test automation much simple compared to other commercial tools. This session will help audience to understand much in-depth on PTF Features.PTF PERT [PTF End-to-End Regression Testing] is a PeopleSoft Bolt-on that compliments certain critical features not available in Core PTF Tool like:1.Automatically identify Test Data uniquely for each test script with built-in SQL Engine.2.Sequence and Schedule multiple PTF Test Scripts to execute at specific date and time.3.User-friendly Real-time Information Dashboard Reports to know execution progress and status.

Objective 1: Introduction to PTF [PeopleSoft Test Framework], Tool Overview and Architecture.Primary Differentiators of PTF over other Test Automation Tools.PTF Boundaries and Mitigation Plan.

Objective 2: PTF PERT [PeopleSoft End-to-End Testing] Overview.Primary differentiators like,1. Automatically Mine Test Data for each Test Case.2. Sequence and Schedule Test Scripts to run at specified date/time.3. Live Dashboard Reports for Tracking.

Objective 3: PTF Implementation Journey, Approach, Challenges and Success Story.

Audience: Technical/Functional