Session ID: 106780

Abstract: Integrations or why type when someone has already done the work for you? This goes both ways as P6 has information for other users but it also requires information from other systems. Georgia Transmission Corporation is an electric utility in Georgia and we use P6 EPPM as our scheduling and cost management tool. We believe in efficient use of our resources and leveraging all of our existing tools. P6 EPPM is integrated with our accounting, payroll, human resources, internal databases and Maximo. It is easy to pull information into your own system, but we successfully demonstrated that we could feed accounting and payroll valuable information. Leverage systems to reduce man-hours. Leverage systems to improve error checking. Leverage systems to reduce redundancy.

Objective 1: Explain how we originally setup P6 to link to other systems and demonstrate flexibility and how we have matured with other integrations.

Objective 2: Not only show how we get data from other systems but also integrations from Primavera into other systems thereby reducing other department manhours

Objective 3: Demonstrate ad-hoc updates to and from P6 which may be for short or long term projects, changes to procedures or other

Audience: Technical/Functional