Session ID: 107200

Abstract: The PeopleSoft Application upgrade is just the beginning of change within the enterprise. The paradigm shift from bundles and maintenance packs to selective adoption and PeopleSoft Images is an issue that should not be overlooked or minimized. While the technical and functional process of upgrading PeopleSoft applications is challenging, transitioning both technical and functional resources from an upgrade mindset to that of PUM and selective adoption presents its own set of unique challenges. This presentation will cover how Capella University addressed this transition including the technical and architectural decisions that were made early in the upgrade process to simplify the update process, the decisions from the business that helped to move the upgrade forward, and the plan for moving forward with selective adoption.

Objective 1: Provide insight into the upgrade and update process.

Objective 2: Outline the paradigm shift from bundles and maintenance packs to PUM and selective adoption.

Objective 3: Overview of technical needs for PUM, PI, and Selective Adoption.

Audience: Technical/Functional