Session ID: 109210

Abstract: The Affordable Care Act has had great impacts to businesses all over the nation. This presentation is aimed to review the 2017 ACA reporting season and how the Amazing Charlie's Angels tackled each 'surprise'. In addition, the presentation will highlight the different modules within JDE that have been established to assist in the reporting for ACA. Due to the constant changes with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this presentation is aimed to review current impacts to clients, how JDE can best support ACA reporting, and common pitfalls clients face. The presentation will show the Taskforce approach of assisting clients, just like the Charlie's Angles, through ACA reporting. Further information will be added as the presenters work through the reporting season. There will be case studies presented additionally.

Objective 1: What is the Affordable Care Act and how does it impact reporting?

Objective 2: What features are in JDE that help with ACA reporting process and determining eligibility?

Objective 3: What are the common bugs, pitfalls, and problems that people are commonly facing?

Audience: Technical/Functional