Session ID: 110520

Abstract: It seems like someone is always asking the HR and Payroll departments to go back in time. 'How many women were employed as of June 2013?' 'How many full-time employees did we have as of the end of last year?' 'Did we have more than 10 highly compensated employees at the beginning of this year?' Did you know that JD Edwards actually has a time machine? Well, when it comes to Employee Master data it does! The Point in Time Employee Master allows you to recreate an exact replica of what your Employee Master looked like on a certain date in the past. You can create multiple 'as of' employee masters, and the best part - they're stored in a JDE table until you delete them so you can databrowse or report to your heart's content. Come join me as I walk through this standard JDE functionality - what it does and how to do it- as well as offer some tips for use and even troubleshooting history data. Discover the Employee Data Time Machine!

Objective 1: Provide an overview of the Point in Time Employee Master functionality

Objective 2: Demonstrate how to create a Point in Time Employee Master

Objective 3: Discuss usage scenarios and the importance of history data

Audience: Functional