Session ID: 111060

Abstract: Oracle has delivered hundreds of new features and enhancements to its current PeopleSoft offering over the last few years. In this session we'll highlight the latest innovations that have shipped as well as the slate of enhancements that are currently in development and on the roadmap. New investments are being made in the Fluid User Experience, deep administrative capabilities, legislative and regulatory requirements, analytics and more, across the PeopleSoft product suite (HCM, Financials, SRM, ALM, ESA). We'll discuss how Oracle is embracing continuous delivery to ship new innovations to customers on an ongoing basis and how every PeopleSoft customer can engage with us to impact the roadmap, help prioritize where we invest, and collaborate with the PeopleSoft community.

Objective 1: Provide an update on the latest PeopleSoft applications deliverables

Objective 2: Share the ongoing investment stategy for PeopleSoft applications

Audience: Functional