Session ID: 108990

Abstract: Join us for our annual in-person meeting to connect with fellow UPKers, share experiences and ask questions. We will share plans for our SIG and UPK as well as have a group discussion about getting started with UPK. We will also share tips for maximizing your exposure to UPK at Collaborate. This meeting is open to everyone interested in UPK.

Objective 1: Briefly discuss UPK SIG achievements and upcoming activities. Share how to join and maximize your membership with our group.

Objective 2: Group discussion about getting started with UPK. Members will share experiences, tools/resources and ask questions. Tools and resources will include how to learn about UPK, set content standards and create development strategies.

Objective 3: Share Oracle's plans for UPK moving forward, including information about upcoming releases. We will also learn about opportunities for interacting with Oracle about UPK during Collaborate.

Audience: Technical/Functional