Session ID: 106580

Abstract: Digital transformation is changing the way businesses connect both inwards and outwards. To keep up with the changing business technology landscape, the language of communication for ERP software is undergoing a transition. M2M communication, connected devices and the Internet of Things (IOT) are actively influencing how the JD Edwards software helps customers make better decisions, create new models of business and provide better shareholder values.Lets go on a small journey to understand the world of 'The Internet of Things'. In this journey we will look at business scenarios where IOT has made an impact with JD Edwards customers, understand the technology layer beneath the IOT framework and try to see IOT in action. If you believe the 'Devil is in the Detail', we will also open the IOT hood and touch upon JD Edwards IOT Orchestrator, the programming layer of IOT, the IOT Gateway and the integration to the ERP software.

Objective 1: Educate the JD Edwards audience of the world of 'The Internet of Things' and how it applies to JD Edwards customers

Objective 2: Present business use cases where IOT has made an impact and also discuss the technology parameters of IOT in JD Edwards.

Objective 3: Present a few case studies where IOT has made a difference

Audience: Technical/Functional