Session ID: 104640

Abstract: Are you 'robbing Peter to pay Paul?' Are newly placed sales orders taking the supply from your priority customers? Do you have to allocate orders outside of the system? Does your customer demand exceed your supply? These very relevant issues have a solution within the JD Edwards application framework Fulfillment Management. Learn how Lindt Chocolate tackled this issue in their rapidly growing multi-seasonal environment. This session, appropriate for business leaders and functional leaders, will give you a real world example of how Lindt Chocolate teamed with Corning Data to leverage Fulfillment Management with their sales order, back order, commitment, picking, and transportation management processes.

Objective 1: We will discuss how we enabled the client's Digital Transformation with creative solutions on this challenging and mission critical order fulfillment topic applicable to many customer service organizations.

Objective 2: We will demonstrate how we leveraged the EnterpriseOne Sales Order fulfillment capabilities and significantly enhanced that by implementing the EnterpriseOne Fulfillment Management module.

Objective 3: Show how we streamlined our order fulfillment process while eliminating spreadsheets and outside of the system activity, resulting in better organizational visibility, reduced fulfillment costs and efforts and improved customer satisfaction.

Audience: Technical/Functional