Session ID: 103410

Abstract: Are you managing your User Defined Objects using the web based Object Management Workbench? Is this as good as it gets or is there room for improvement? The number of User Defined Objects has been growing to include E1 pages, saved queries, watchlists, notifications and composite applications. With tools release 9.2, JD Edwards introduced a change management process to review, approve and deploy User Defined Objects. However, this is still a manual task for a technical JD Edwards application manager. A challenge also lies in keeping the change management of your related development OMW projects synchronized with the change management of the MUDOs. This session shows how to streamline the change management process, synchronize OMW projects and management of UDO's and reduce IT costs.

Objective 1: What novelties are available as of Tools Release 9.2 for the management of User Defined Objects.

Objective 2: Insight on the business values of optimizing and scheduling the management of User Defined Objects.

Objective 3: Show how the MUDO change management and OMW change management can be aligned.

Audience: Technical