Session ID: 104520

Abstract: Like many other JDE customers, the XSE Group was tracking their fixed assets including the tax ledgers outside of JD Edwards. This gave rise to duplicate tracking and entry, reduced visibility of asset information, and overall lower efficiency. Early in 2015 they took the plunge and implemented Fixed Assets in their EnterpriseOne system. This involved converting about 600 assets across 10 legal entities with multiple tax ledgers. They now have all their asset data in JDE, obtaining the benefits of a single source of truth for depreciation / amortization, expenses, asset reporting and more. They also implemented Fixed Assets with very low outside consulting. Come to this session to learn how you too can replace an off JDE asset system in a painless manner.

Objective 1: Learn how standing up Fixed Assets in JDE can be simpler than you think.

Objective 2: Learn the implications of converting asset data from outside JDE and what to pay attention to.

Objective 3: Learn about the efficiencies of having your asset data within JDE

Audience: Technical/Functional