Session ID: 109810

Abstract: There are many cases of UPK topics and courses built with great care but no longer being used - and many places where UPK has never been used! Join Silgan and iLearnERP for a discussion of the challenges of making UPK as an active learning tool, leveraging the Record It! tool to expand the SMEs creating content and using UPK for non-ERP applications (for example Kronos and custom apps)

Objective 1: Learn how to optimize the UPK Record It! feature to quickly teach UPK recording and create content faster.

Objective 2: Hear how Silgan leveraged UPK for many other applications, including a Kronos upgrade and new functionality and a custom manufacturing application.

Objective 3: Strategize how to keep UPK and training content as a priority with managers, learners and executives.

Audience: Technical/Functional